Sappi Warren Release textures add the final touch to decorative panel surfaces in a wide range of forms from High Pressure Decorative Laminates (HPDL), Continuous Pressed Laminates (CPL), Thermo Fused Melamine (TFM) wood panels, acrylic and polymer sheet panels, to high tech flexible polymer films used in aircraft interiors. The possibilities range from the deep embossing of stone textures to the matte smoothness of an oiled hardwood. Select from over 40 Sappi | Warren laminating grade release papers which include, Stone, Woodgrain, Flat, Novelty, and Natural textures, or inquire about Geometric textures and other specialty textures that enable tangible product differentiation.

Sappi Warren Release Papers reflects a tradition of technology and manufacturing innovation that began in 1854 and continues to the present day. With the distinction of being the originator of decorative surface release papers, Sappi Warren maintains the position of technology leader by offering the broadest range of textures available within two product lines, Ultracast® and Classics As the industry evolved, Sappi Warren pioneered the development of release papers designed for high and low pressure, continuous or static presses.

Sappi Warren’s Ultracast Papers hold the premier position in textured release paper with capabilities ranging from deep embossing to subtle light diffraction patterns. Ultracast® papers and films are created using state of the art electron beam cured resin coatings, providing the ability to withstand the most demanding laminating conditions.

Sappi Warren’s Classics Papers offer an economical method for imparting aesthetics with a variety of gloss and finish options. These traditional paper coatings have stood the test of time yielding with one of the softest haptics available in the market.

Today, Sappi Warren remains at the forefront of laminating technology offering unparalleled design selection, high fidelity decorative surfaces, and new innovative technology.

The advantages of using Sappi | Warren Release Paper are:


  • Variety of textures and gloss levels
  • Flexibility for manufacturing and customer service
  • Quick change of texture
  • Consistent gloss and texture after each use
  • Flexibility for marketing
  • Flexibility for design
  • Differentiation in the marketplace
  • Cost Savings through reuse
  • Textures with visual & tactile appeal
  • Textures that compliment interior design trends and colors
  • Eliminates the plastic feel of laminates
  • Lower investment cost for a wider range of textures